Australian Immigration

Clarifying Australian visa requirements entails navigating an intensely complicated web of shifting and variable provisions. While moving to Australia is an increasingly attractive prospect for professionals, businesses and families, Australian immigration is one of the most complex areas of Australian jurisprudence. However, the Australian immigration system welcomes migrants with occupations and professions that are in shortage in Australia. Applicants who qualify often do not need an employment offer or a sponsor. Some Australian visa categories are subject to accelerated processing and the applicant can obtain permanent residence in as little as eight months. Foreign students may be eligible for permanent residence in Australia after as little as two years of study in Australia, in some instances. Those with special talents or abilities who apply in the Distinguished Talents category, including artists, only need to be recommended by an Australian expert or organization in order to obtain Australian permanent residence. The categories described on this site are not exhaustive and are just summaries of the various qualifications needed for temporary and permanent visas in Australia. Our law practice is based in New York and is devoted exclusively to immigration, with an emphasis on accessibility, personalized service and a fast turnaround on all cases. Cases are filed throughout the United States and abroad on behalf of our corporate and individual clients. All Australian immigration services are handled by licensed Australian immigration agents and lawyers.